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Project Manager / Sales

At Blue Sky Roofing we're looking for a Project Manager to join our team. (Inbound Sales Position)

Full-time · Blue Sky Roofing

About the job

Blue sky roofing is hiring a driven, and highly motivated project manager who will grow with our rapidly expanding company. The project manager will present our products and services to as many as 60 potential clients per month. All of these appointments will be pre-screened and set for you. Your primary responsibilities will include setting proper expectations and communicating proactively with our clients. You will maintain a high appointment set to contract signed ratio. You enjoy working with a team and thrive in competitive environments. You enjoy seeing your teammates succeed just as much as you enjoy succeeding yourself. You continually strive to grow personally and professionally. You have a proven record in sales.

Why Blue Sky?

  • Blue Sky Roofing is the fastest-growing residential roofing company in Florida.
  • We are a tech-focused rapidly growing construction company.
  • Opportunity to have a big impact on our growth and your career
  • All of our employees and contractors are viewed as partners and encouraged to think entrepreneurially to help grow our business
  • We focus on helping all of our partners with professional and personal development
  • All full-time project managers make no less than 6 figures annually.

About you

  • You feel comfortable working with or are willing to become comfortable working with modern technology on smartphones and computers. IE - calendar systems, text messaging and email, and CRMs
  • You have a minimum of 3 - 5 years of experience in a competitive sales environment. (Experience in construction is a bonus but not required)
  • You understand and respect the importance of building and maintaining a great culture
  • You work well on a team and handle confrontations well
  • Excellent communication, organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Willing to learn and adapt all of the time
  • You're a resourceful problem solver; you can feel for gaps in what you're working on and suggest solutions
  • When you bring problems to other team members, you have already thought of potential solutions for that problem. (IE - You have taken time to understand the problem better and done the research for solutions instead of asking someone to figure out everything for you)
  • You’re independent, self-motivated, and can stay efficient and productive without someone looking over your shoulder all day long
  • You are happy to have direct communication with customers (we are customer-driven)
  • You will be expected to meet at our office in Pinellas county for team meetings, masterminds, and training
  • You will be expected to drive from job site to job site throughout the bay area and will maintain a Florida driver's license
  • A personality and skill set that is scalable - We're looking for someone with promotion and managerial potential as the department and company grows


  • Competitive commission rates (Top of the industry)
  • 401k matching
  • Company training and masterminds
  • Company provided computer
  • Company retreats and trips to conferences for training and networking opportunities
  • Company vehicle
  • Gas card

Day to day

  • You will report to your sales manager starting off with our company's daily standup
  • Hold consultations with potential clients to review our products and services
  • Prepare itemized estimates using our company’s technology
  • Take calls from your potential, current, and past clients
  • Attend and participate in-company training sessions and masterminds
  • Move jobs through our pipeline with our CRM and dispatch technology
  • Provide training and coaching to new project managers on how to close at a high rate and use our technology
  • Climb ladders and visually inspect existing roofing systems
  • Inspect attic spaces for potential leaks and damage
  • Communicate proactively to our clients from your initial consultations until collecting final payments
  • Gather 5-star reviews

30 Day Targets

  • You have become familiar with the technology we use, and met your team
  • You’ve improved our hiring and onboarding process by being part of it
  • You have met the leads of our different teams of subs
  • You have signed a roofing replacement contract and have at least 1 job in progress
  • You have become familiar with our products and the steps involved in installing them
  • Generate at least 5 (5) star reviews from clients and potential clients

60 Day Targets

  • You are closing at a minimum of 20% for legitimate roof replacement opportunities
  • You are proficient in using our internal technology to move jobs through the pipeline from start to finish
  • You have improved the safety procedures of our job sites
  • You are proactively communicating with clients throughout their roofing projects
  • You are clearing out your inbox and tasks daily
  • You are clearing out your estimate sent and contracts signed FUB list weekly
  • Generate at least 5 (5) star reviews from clients and potential clients

90+ Day Targets

  • You are closing at a minimum of 35% for legitimate roof replacement opportunities
  • You are extremely competent in using our internal technology to move jobs through the pipeline from start to finish
  • 95% of customers have a positive experience when interacting with you
  • You follow all of the safety and compliance procedures for our organization
  • You are continually helping our operations team identify areas of improvement for our communication with clients through the sales process
  • You are well versed with all parts of our sales process and the accompanying technology
  • You have committed to personal development and are constantly striving to improve your consultation process and closing rate
  • You are actively gathering feedback to improve our systems when a lead decides to work with another company
  • Generate at least 5 (5) star reviews from clients and potential clients per month moving forward

Blue Sky’s Mission

Create the best customer experience for residential roofing in the United States.

Our Vision

Blue Sky Roofing will be the highest-rated and most reviewed residential roofing company in the United States by 2030.

Our Values

R - Relentless personal growth

O - Optimization

O - Openness

F - Family

I - Integrity

N - Nice (Be Nice!)

G - Gratitude

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